India, China, and Turkey Affected by EU Sanctions Targeting Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.21 - 2024 9:05 PM CET

India, China, and Turkey Affected by EU Sanctions Targeting Russia.

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The European Union's 13th package of sanctions has targeted companies from China, India, and Turkey, as reported by the Brussels-based portal Euractiv, citing its sources.

According to, this move expands the EU's sanctions regime to include entities outside of Russia that are allegedly involved in supporting Moscow's military efforts.

The restrictions specifically impact three mainland Chinese companies, with the EU prohibiting any business interactions with these entities due to their "involvement in supplying sensitive military technology to Russia," technology that has reportedly been used on the Ukrainian battlefield.

For the first time, trade restrictions have also been imposed on companies from India and Turkey, accused of helping Russia's military-industrial complex gain access to banned components and technologies.

Additionally, the EU has introduced an asset freeze and visa ban on North Korea’s defense minister, Kang Sun Nam, over allegations of supplying ballistic missiles to Moscow. These claims have been dismissed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as mere rumors.

The 13th package further includes measures against the supply of specific technologies and electronics, such as chips, machinery, and ball bearings crucial to Russia's defense industry.

The publication's authors note that the written procedure for the official ratification of these sanctions by the EU Council is expected to conclude by February 24. Following this, the EU will commence preparations for the 14th package of sanctions.

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