Intelligence expert's bold prediction on Putin's fate

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.09 - 2023 8:07 AM CET

Intelligence expert's bold prediction on Putin's fate.

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For years, rumors have swirled about Russian President Vladimir Putin's health. Despite the Kremlin's insistence that Putin is "alive and well," these rumors persist.

Professor Anthony Glees, a leading intelligence expert from The University of Buckingham, is among those who remain unconvinced by the Kremlin's statements.

Known for his audacious theories and controversial remarks, Glees has previously speculated about Putin's well-being.

In a recent interview with the "Daily Star," he even suggested that Putin might be a "gibbering wreck in a straitjacket," possibly replaced by body doubles.

While the exact nature of Putin's health issues remains unclear, Glees is adamant that rumors about the Russian leader suffering from various cancers or Parkinson's disease should be disregarded.

According to him, such debilitating conditions would have manifested noticeable symptoms or even led to Putin's death by now.

In a recent interview with "The Sun," Glees went a step further, stating that Putin might not live to see his 72nd birthday.

The professor believes that Putin's luck has run out and that the Russian leader might even consider ending his own life, leading to potential chaos and the collapse of his regime.

Despite these speculations, Putin, who has been in power for about 19 years, shows no signs of stepping down. Reports suggest that he may soon announce his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, during the "Russia" international forum in Moscow.

By presenting the information in this new structure, the article offers a comprehensive look at Professor Anthony Glees' theories, the ongoing rumors about Putin's health, and what might lie ahead for the Russian leader.

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