Intelligence report: Mysterious sabotage in the heart of Russia causes panic

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.24 - 2023 12:15 PM CET

Photo: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine
Photo: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine
Mysterious sabotage in the heart of Russia causes panic.

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According to Ukraine's Defense Intelligence (DIU), unknown saboteurs have destroyed two airplanes and a helicopter near Moscow, causing widespread panic among Russian military officials.

Deep within Russia, far from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, lies the Chkalovsky Airfield. Located just 20 kilometers from Moscow, this military base is considered the heart of Russia.

A recent incident here has raised significant concerns among Russians, as reported by the Ukrainian intelligence service DIU on Telegram.

The report describes how unidentified saboteurs infiltrated the heavily guarded airfield and detonated explosives, destroying two airplanes and a helicopter.

The aircraft were reportedly damaged beyond repair, but what has shaken the Russian military the most is the audacity of the saboteurs to penetrate a facility so close to Russia's core.

DIU has also released a series of blurry satellite images as evidence, purportedly showing the damaged aircraft. Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs, also discussed the incident on his social media profile, mentioning that Chkalovsky Airfield is the location where Russia keeps its so-called "Doomsday planes."

The incident has reportedly rattled the Russian military hierarchy, causing panic and raising questions about the security of key installations.

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