Intercepted phone call reveals Russian soldier doubting invasion

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.30 - 2023 12:44 PM CET

Intercepted phone call reveals Russian soldier doubting invasion.

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Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine showing no signs of abating, a recent intercepted phone call from a Russian soldier sheds light on Russia's alleged losses and challenges faced on the battlefield.

The bleak outlook from the soldier comes as both Ukrainian and Russian troops grapple with the impending harsh winter conditions that add to the adversity of military operations.

This is reported by Merkur.

On October 23, Ukrainian military intelligence unveiled a purported intercepted phone conversation through Telegram, revealing a Russian soldier’s candid discussion with his mother regarding the on-ground situation in Ukraine.

The soldier painted a grim picture of the heavy casualties suffered by Russian forces, especially while defending the territories they had previously seized in Ukraine.

One notable bottleneck for the Russian forces has been the village of Ivanivka, located in Ukraine’s southern region of Kherson. The soldier described the situation as a massacre, disclosing that over a thousand lives were lost in attempts to gain control over the area.

He mentioned that the initial offensive led to a significant number of fatalities and injuries, referring to them as "200s" and "300s", which are Russian military codes for the dead and wounded, respectively.

The phone call further highlighted the soldier’s skepticism regarding Russia's capacity to further its territorial ambitions in Ukraine. He lamented about the daunting sight of deceased soldiers scattered across the forested terrain, emphasizing the futile attempts to capture Ivanivka.

The soldier termed the notion of conquering other Ukrainian localities like Novoselivka or Kupyansk as laughable, indicating a perceived lack of requisite strength on Russia’s part.

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