ISIS-Linked Prisoners Take Guards Hostage in Russian Detention Centre

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.16 - 2024 11:01 AM CET

In southern Russia, prisoners with ISIS connections have taken guards hostage in a dramatic standoff, demanding safe passage and a vehicle.

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A tense hostage situation is currently gripping the Rostov region in southern Russia, where at least two prison employees have been taken hostage in a detention facility, Reuters reports.

The hostage-takers are demanding safe passage from the prison and a vehicle, with negotiations currently underway between them and Russian authorities.

Possible Terrorist Link

This incident follows a year marked by terrorism in Russia, including an attack on Moscow's Crocus City Hall, for which ISIS claimed responsibility, despite attempts by Vladimir Putin's regime to attribute it to Ukraine.

The ongoing hostage situation is also believed to be linked to ISIS.

According to reports, six prisoners, some with ties to ISIS, have taken the guards hostage.

“Six prisoners, some with connections to the Islamic State, took guards hostage at a detention center in Russia’s southern Rostov region, demanding safe passage in negotiations with authorities,” the news agency stated.

Authorities Downplay the Situation

Some of those involved in the current hostage drama have already been convicted of terrorist offenses. The men reportedly broke the bars on their cell windows and entered a guardroom, where they took at least two prison staff members hostage.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Russian authorities seem keen to minimize its severity.

“The institution is operating as usual; the situation is under control,” prison officials reportedly said in a statement to Reuters.

Police forces are on-site at the detention center, and negotiations for the release of the hostages are ongoing. Following the Crocus City Hall attack, over 20 individuals were arrested for suspected involvement, reports Moscow Times.

Some of the participants in the Rostov hostage situation are due to appear in court soon, facing charges related to the Crocus City Hall attack.