Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Moscow Attack After Putin's Speech: Shares Image of the Shooters

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.23 - 2024 7:52 PM CET

Photo: Amaq News
Photo: Amaq News
Islamic State (IS) has released a photo of the individuals it claims were behind the Moscow terror attack following President Vladimir Putin's address.

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In his speech post-attack, Vladimir Putin did not mention Islamic State by name. Despite the terrorist organization already claiming responsibility for the brutal attack, which has reportedly claimed the lives of 133 people so far, they sought to draw attention again after the president's address. This move likely comes in response to Putin's hints that Ukraine was behind the incident.

Through its news agency, Amaq News Agency, IS shared an image of the four alleged perpetrators behind the Crocus City Hall attack.

According to the terrorist group, the attack on civilians in Russia was a response to Russia's previous support for Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, who has waged war in his country against, among others, ISIS.

Photo: Amaq News

"The attack is part of the ongoing intense war between the Islamic State and countries that wage war against Islam," stated Amaq News Agency.

"The warriors stormed the hall, where three of them opened fire on the audience, while a fourth warrior started a fire," Amaq News Agency reported.

Putin's Focus on Ukraine

As mentioned, Vladimir Putin did not address Islamic State in his speech. Instead, his focus was on Ukraine.

The president appeared on screen 17 hours after the terror attack, following the arrest of 11 individuals, including the four believed to have executed the attack.

"The perpetrators were heading towards Ukraine, where a 'window' had been prepared for them," Putin stated.

"Whoever ordered this attack will be punished," the president also declared.

The Russian intelligence service, FSB, also claims that the perpetrators were headed to Ukraine and suspects they "have contacts on the Ukrainian side."

Ukraine has categorically denied any involvement in the attack.

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