Israel prepares to deploy new weapon in war against Hamas

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.26 - 2023 9:21 PM CET

Israel prepares to deploy new weapon in war against Hamas.

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As the Israeli armed forces gear up for a planned ground offensive in the Gaza Strip to eliminate Hamas, they anticipate that part of the operation will take place underground.

Hamas is believed to have constructed an extensive network of tunnels and passages beneath the ground in Gaza. It is in this tunnel system that the terrorist organization is thought to have placed more than 200 hostages, abducted on October 7 from Israel.

To counter this, Israel is preparing to deploy new weapons. One such weapon is the so-called "foam bomb," reports the English newspaper Telegraph.

Foam bombs are a chemical weapon that doesn't contain explosives but creates a sudden explosion of foam that quickly expands and then hardens. This can be used to block tunnel openings from which Hamas fighters could otherwise emerge.

According to the newspaper, the Israeli military has already tested the use of foam bombs in 2021 at a training area in Tze'Elim, where they have built their own tunnels for practice.

The foam bombs consist of a plastic container divided into two compartments containing two different liquids and a piece of metal that must be removed for use, separating them.

When the metal barrier between the two liquids is removed, a chemical reaction occurs, and foam rapidly develops. This foam then hardens.

However, the weapon is not without risks for those who use it. Several Israeli soldiers who have trained in the use of foam bombs have lost their sight as a result of their work, the Telegraph reports.

In addition to foam bombs, the Israeli military plans to use technology like small reconnaissance drones, known as "throwbots," modern radio technology, and thermal goggles to enable Israeli troops to see in total darkness deep underground in Gaza.

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