Israeli Newspaper Reports on Discussions of New Ceasefire in Gaza

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.25 - 2023 7:48 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Israeli Newspaper Reports on Discussions of New Ceasefire in Gaza.

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The Israeli government is set to discuss a proposal from Egypt to cease hostilities in Gaza, as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

According to the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, the Israeli government will discuss on Monday a proposal from Egypt to stop hostilities in Gaza. This was reported by the news agency dpa.

Late on Sunday, another Israeli newspaper, Times of Israel, wrote that Israeli officials had previously confirmed that Egypt had submitted a new proposal for a ceasefire and the release of additional Israeli hostages from the Gaza Strip.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized on Sunday that the country will continue its attacks until the Hamas movement is definitively defeated.

The Saudi TV channel Asharq News, citing sources familiar with the matter, reported on Sunday that the Egyptian plan consists of several phases on the way to stopping hostilities.

In the first phase, a ceasefire of at least two weeks is to be established. During this time, 40 hostages are to be released. In exchange, 120 Palestinian prisoners are to be released.

In the second phase, a Palestinian dialogue under Egyptian supervision is to be conducted. The goal of the conversation should be to stop the division among Palestinians.

The third phase involves establishing a permanent ceasefire and an agreement on the exchange of prisoners and hostages.

In the final phases, Israel is to withdraw its forces, and displaced persons can return to their homes.

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