Italy Promises $1.7 Billion in Military Aid to Ukraine

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jul.10 - 2024 3:01 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Italy is preparing to allocate $1.7 billion in military aid to Ukraine next year.

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According to a report by Corriere della Sera, Italy will commit $1.7 billion in military aid to Ukraine in 2024.

This promise is part of a broader $40 billion aid package being discussed by NATO.

Distribution of Aid

The plan specifies that the United States will provide half of the total aid, while the remaining $20 billion will come from European NATO countries.

Italy’s contribution is a considerable increase from its previous aid levels.

Over the past two years, Italy has provided Kyiv with an estimated €1.2 billion annually in aid, covering the direct cost of weapons and other goods and services.

The new commitment will see an increase of approximately €400 million.

The commitment from NATO countries is expected to be political rather than legal, which may slightly weaken the initial plans.

It is still unclear whether this aid package will be a one-time pledge or an annual contribution, as originally hoped by NATO leadership and the White House.

Italy will also provide another SAMP/T air defense system to help shoot down Russian missiles.

This contribution is part of a collective effort by several NATO countries to bolster Ukrainian air defense, as agreed at the NATO summit in Washington.