Joe Biden Confirms – U.S. Has Sent a Private Message to Iran

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.14 - 2024 4:15 PM CET

U.S. Has Sent a Private Message to Iran.

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The USA has sent a mysterious private message to Iran.

It continues to be a very difficult situation in the Red Sea, where the Houthi rebels in Yemen have directed repeated attacks against ships traveling in the region.

The USA, along with countries including the United Kingdom, has carried out attacks against several of the Houthi rebels' positions.

Now, US President Joe Biden has stated that the USA has delivered a private message to Iran, which is believed to support the Houthi rebels' attacks.

This was reported by Reuters.

"Delivered Privately"

It is unclear exactly what was stated in the message, but it is said to have been about the Houthi rebels.

"We delivered it privately, and we are confident that we are well-prepared," says Joe Biden about the message.

Iran has consistently denied involvement in the ongoing attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea.

No Interest

Tensions between the USA and Iran remain very high, but the White House spokesperson John Kirby emphasizes that the USA has no interest in war with Yemen.

Iran is believed to supply the Houthi rebels with weapons and contribute to enabling attacks on the ships.

A spokesperson for the rebels has said that the British-American attacks have not affected their ability to disrupt the ships.

Support from Several Countries

The USA and the United Kingdom received support from several countries in connection with the attacks.

"Today, US military forces, together with the United Kingdom and with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands, have successfully carried out attacks against a number of targets in Yemen used by Houthi rebels to compromise free shipping in one of the world's most important waterways," the White House stated in a press release.

First Time Ever

In connection with the action, it is emphasized that the Houthi rebels pose a concrete threat to international trade.

"These attacks have endangered American personnel, civilian seamen, and our partners, jeopardized trade, and threatened free shipping."