Joe Biden snaps at heckler

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.29 - 2023 10:18 AM CET

Joe Biden snaps at heckler.

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In a recent public appearance, President Joe Biden found himself interrupted by a climate activist. The President, who was speaking in Arizona, was disrupted by Kai Newkirk, who questioned Biden's commitment to tackling the climate crisis. Biden's response was to tell Newkirk to "shush up" and offered to meet him after the event.

This incident adds to a series of public interactions that have put the President in the spotlight.

Newkirk, who is the founder and president of an organization called For All, interrupted Biden to demand that the President declare a national emergency on climate change. He cited the deaths of hundreds of Arizonans and called on Biden to fulfill his promises, including no new drilling on federal lands.

Rather than ignoring the heckler or having him removed immediately, Biden chose to address him directly. He told Newkirk to "shush up" and promised to meet with him after the event. This response was met with applause from the audience.

Following the event, Newkirk stated that he would have gladly accepted Biden's offer to meet and still would if the offer stands. He urged the President to honor his commitment to meet with climate scientists and frontline leaders.

This incident comes at a time when Biden has been under scrutiny for various public gaffes and questions about his ability to lead effectively are being raised.

You can watch the episode in the video below

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