Josef Fritzl Could Soon Be a Free Man

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.16 - 2024 12:48 PM CET

Photo: Police
Photo: Police
Josef Fritzl Could Soon Be a Free Man.

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The case shocked the world when it was revealed that Josef Fritzl had kept his daughter captive in a basement for 24 years. Now, he may be on the verge of release from prison.

Freedom is on the horizon for 88-year-old Josef Fritzl, who has spent 15 years in the secure psychiatric prison Krems-Stein. A new report indicates that Fritzl is no longer considered dangerous, a factor that previously hindered his parole.

According to an expert, it is Fritzl's advanced age and dementia that make it possible for the life-sentenced prisoner to be released. Professor of criminal law at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Alois Birklbauer, spoke to the Austrian media outlet about the likelihood of Fritzl becoming a free man.

"It is possible after serving at least fifteen years. We have reached the time requirement," the professor stated. In a typical Austrian prison, a life-sentenced inmate can apply for parole after 15 years, and Fritzl has now reached this threshold.

"It also presupposes that it is unlikely that more criminal acts will occur," he explained.

The psychiatric report, prepared by Heidi Kastner from Linz University, further reveals that Josef Fritzl is now so ill that he needs to use a walker, as reported by Kleine Zeitung.

In 2009, the Austrian was sentenced to life imprisonment after having kept his daughter Elisabeth confined in his basement in Amstetten, Austria, for 24 years. While she was only exposed to the darkness beneath Fritzl's house, he repeatedly raped Elisabeth, resulting in Fritzl fathering seven children with his daughter.

The situation came to light when one of the children, Kerstin, fell into a coma and Josef Fritzl took her to the hospital. There, doctors noticed Kerstin's poor condition and rotten teeth.

During a hospital visit, Elisabeth was arrested, and it was then that she revealed the tragic events she and the children had endured.

Fritzl's lawyer has already requested that Fritzl be moved to a nursing home.