Kasparov: Putin won't survive this

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.03 - 2023 10:56 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
'Putin won't survive this'

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Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov believes that while Vladimir Putin can circumvent sanctions imposed on Russia, he won't be able to handle the loss of intellectual resources from Russian society.

In an interview aired on ERR television according to wgospodarce, Kasparov stated that every engineer leaving the country would mean one less missile in the Kremlin's arsenal.

Kasparov, a former world chess champion, admitted that he doesn't believe the opposition is currently capable of overthrowing Putin's regime.

However, he suggested that the West could help bring down the current Kremlin leadership by accepting one to two million Russians who are vital to the functioning of the Russian economy.

According to Kasparov, a condition for their entry should be the recognition of Ukraine's necessity to win the war and see a better future for Russia.

"Nothing in Russia will change without a military defeat in Ukraine. The whole mythology of Putin is built on Crimea. It's the pillar on which the regime has been based since 2014," Kasparov said.

He added that the liberation of Crimea and the Ukrainian flag flying in Sevastopol would be something the regime could not survive.

The Future of Russia

Kasparov believes that any Russian citizen who says, "the war is criminal, the regime is illegal, and Crimea is Ukraine," should be able to start the process of integration with the free world.

"If there is a North Korea, there should also be an alternative in the form of South Korea," he assessed.

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