Video: Kate Middleton Diagnosed with Cancer

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.22 - 2024 7:12 PM CET

Photo: British Royal Family
Photo: British Royal Family
The Princess of Wales has shared the heartbreaking news in a video.

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For days, weeks, and months, Britons have been puzzled by the absence of Princess Kate, who seemed to have vanished without a trace. However, on Friday evening, the reason was revealed: 42-year-old Kate is battling cancer.

The princess has not been seen since December 28. About three weeks later, Kensington Palace announced that the princess had undergone a planned operation in the abdominal area and would be hospitalized for 10-14 days. The British Royal Family simultaneously conveyed that Kate would not be able to resume her royal duties until after Easter - a lengthy recovery, which now has an explanation.

During the operation, doctors discovered cancer, as reported by several sources, including the BBC.

In a video shared with British media, the princess spoke about her situation, marking a rare moment of openness in an otherwise highly private and secretive matter regarding Kate's condition and state of health. In contrast, the court has been relatively open about the illness of King Charles, her father-in-law.

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer on February 5. Despite the diagnosis, the king has made several public appearances, including a meeting with Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, in preparation for the country's new budget.

Meanwhile, Kate has been notably absent, and her attempt to signal that all was well through a cozy family photo backfired when it was revealed to be edited and manipulated.

This moment of vulnerability for the royal family underscores not only their personal challenges but also the public's deep interest and concern for their well-being.

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