Kate Middleton's Uncle with Mysterious Statement About Her 'Whereabouts'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.08 - 2024 8:29 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Kate Middleton's Uncle with Mysterious Statement About Her 'Whereabouts'.

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It has hardly escaped anyone's notice that particularly Princess Kate's whereabouts have become a major topic of conversation since she has not been seen in public since Christmas, except for a grainy photo that surfaced a week ago.

The royal household has not exactly been forthcoming in dispelling the mystery with their statements – and now Kate Middleton's uncle has added fuel to the fire of conspiracy theories.

The princess's uncle, 58-year-old Gary Goldsmith, has dropped somewhat of a cryptic bombshell on live television, as reported by News.com.au.

Self-dubbed as Kate's "buncle" for considering himself a "bad uncle" and the black sheep of the family, Goldsmith is currently making headlines on the reality TV show "Celebrity Big Brother." There, he has already made his mark by initially disparaging Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan – and now he's drawing even more attention.

Did he Say Too Much?

Recently, he did something the British royal house has NOT done. He openly addressed the rumors surrounding his royal niece.

According to News.com.au, when directly asked by another "Celebrity Big Brother" contestant about Princess Kate's location, Goldsmith was evidently caught off guard and began to ramble before providing an answer that will surely escalate the speculation about Princess Kate.

"Because she doesn't want to talk about it herself, the last thing I want to do...", he cryptically began, before discussing "royal etiquette" which prohibits speaking about the royal family.

Goldsmith then stoked the fires further by saying, "If it's announced publicly, I'd be happy to give my opinion on it."

This statement has led many to feel validated in their belief that something indeed is happening with Kate Middleton, as there is - according to the uncle - "something to have an opinion about."

This makes little sense to many if the princess has merely undergone a simple stomach surgery, as stated by the royal house.

The surgery, according to the royal house, was a planned procedure that took place on January 16, with the princess being hospitalized for two weeks before being discharged.

Since then, Kate Middleton has disappeared without a trace, and the mystery surrounding her whereabouts was certainly not alleviated when Prince William recently canceled his attendance at the memorial for the former King Constantine of Greece at the last minute.

The mystery did not diminish either when it was announced that Kate Middleton would make a public comeback at the military ceremony "Trooping the Colour" on June 8th.

The announcement of her return lasted less than 24 hours before being retracted, leaving everyone in the dark about when the princess will be seen again.

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