Key confrontation in Russia's war against Ukraine has changed

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.03 - 2023 11:35 AM CET


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British intelligence underscores that one of the most significant challenges in Russia's war against Ukraine is the effort to overcome ground-based air defense systems.

The British Ministry of Defence, in its latest review on 3 December, emphasized the critical role played by the Tor short-range anti-aircraft missile system within the occupying forces of the Russian Federation.

This system is in service with the Russian army's air defense units and is designed to protect the front line of ground forces.

Simultaneously, the Pantsir air defense system typically safeguards command posts, longer-range air defense systems, and air bases of the Russian occupiers.

Recent intelligence reports indicate that the Tor air defense system is actively being employed by the occupiers to counter Ukrainian drones.

Essentially, this complex acts as the front line of the air defense network for Russian occupation forces in Ukraine.

Notably, one of the system's key limitations in Russia's war against Ukraine is likely the endurance of its crew, consisting of only three people.

Maintaining a high level of combat readiness for an extended period is described as an extreme test of endurance.

This revelation follows previous British intelligence assessments regarding the Kremlin's efforts to manage protests by mothers and wives of conscripts. Meanwhile, Estonian intelligence believes that Russia's 2024 budget will enable it to sustain the current intensity of hostilities in the war against Ukraine.