Kim Jong-Un makes concerning announcement

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.01 - 2023 12:33 PM CET

Kim Jong-Un makes concerning announcement

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North Korea has taken a significant and almost irreversible step in establishing itself as a nuclear power. The country has amended its constitution to include the arming of nuclear weapons, confirmed by state media.

According to Swedish journalist Marcus Oscarsson, Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, stated that the policy for nuclear armament has been made permanent as the state's fundamental law.

He emphasized the importance of accelerating the modernization of nuclear weapons for strategic deterrence.

The change in law comes a year after North Korea officially declared itself a nuclear state with the right to use pre-emptive nuclear strikes for self-defense.

The development has been deemed extremely dangerous by the United Nations and its Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres. He warned that any use of nuclear weapons would unleash a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions.

Kim Jong-Un has also warned the United States not to push North Korea into war.

A few weeks ago, North Korea staged a fake nuclear attack to warn its enemies of the actual danger of nuclear war, according to KCNA, the country's central news agency.

This staged attack was in response to joint exercises between the United States and South Korea.

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