Kim Jong Un Orders Acceleration of North Korea’s Military and Nuclear Preparedness Amid US Tensions

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.29 - 2023 2:20 PM CET


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In a significant move, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has instructed the nation's military, munitions industry, and nuclear weapons sector to escalate their war preparations, NBC News writes.

This directive is in response to what Kim perceives as unprecedented confrontational actions by the United States, as reported by state media. Kim's statement was made during the policy directions for the new year at a crucial meeting of North Korea's ruling party.

Kim also emphasized the importance of expanding strategic cooperation with what he termed "anti-imperialist independent" countries. This development comes amid North Korea's growing ties with Russia and others.

The U.S. has accused Pyongyang of providing military equipment to Moscow for its conflict with Ukraine. In return, Russia is believed to be offering technical support to North Korea to enhance its military capabilities.

Kim's announcement underscores the country's commitment to bolster its defense capabilities amidst perceived threats. This move includes further acceleration in the development of nuclear weapons and the munitions industry.

Simultaneously, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has taken proactive steps by visiting a frontline military unit to inspect its defense readiness. President Yoon stressed the need for immediate and strong retaliation in case of any provocation from North Korea.

Besides military and defense strategies, Kim Jong Un also addressed economic objectives for the upcoming year, labeling it a decisive period to achieve the nation's five-year development plan. He highlighted the necessity of maintaining high-level agricultural production, a sector critical for the country, especially given its history of food shortages and the impact of COVID-19 on food security.

The meeting, which is part of the ninth plenary of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, comes at the end of a year marked by significant military advancements by North Korea.

These include the enshrinement of its nuclear policy in the constitution, the launch of a spy satellite, and the testing of a new intercontinental ballistic missile. This gathering is a key platform for North Korea to outline its policy directions and has historically been used to announce major policy decisions.