King Charles Apologizes to the British Public Following Cancer Diagnosis

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.06 - 2024 8:56 AM CET

King Charles Apologizes to the British Public Following Cancer Diagnosis.

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In an unexpected announcement from Buckingham Palace on Monday evening, it was revealed that King Charles, aged 75, has been diagnosed with cancer and has already commenced treatment. Following medical advice, the King has been instructed to cancel all public engagements and duties for the duration of his treatment. However, he will continue to fulfill state responsibilities and official paperwork.

In light of these developments, King Charles has issued an apology to the British people for any disappointment or inconvenience his health situation may cause. "His Majesty wishes to apologize to anyone who may be disappointed or inconvenienced as a result," Buckingham Palace stated on behalf of the King, according to Sky News.

While the specific type of cancer has not been disclosed, it has been confirmed by BBC that it is not prostate cancer, a detail further corroborated by a royal source to Reuters. Buckingham Palace has not shared any prognosis from the doctors but has conveyed that King Charles remains "entirely positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning fully to public service as soon as possible."

King Charles was discharged from a London hospital last week, where he had undergone prostate surgery three days prior. It was during this hospital stay that various tests were conducted, leading to the cancer diagnosis.

The King is receiving outpatient treatment in London, allowing him to be at his residence in the capital during the evenings, Sky News reports. King Charles was last seen in public on Sunday, attending a church service in Sandringham with Queen Camilla, where he was seen smiling and waving to the gathered crowd.

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