Kremlin blames Kiev coup for current tragedies in Ukraine

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.27 - 2023 2:54 PM CET


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According to Russian state news site Tass, in a recent interview on the Rossiya-1 TV channel, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov attributed the current tragedies in Ukraine to the coup that occurred in Kiev a decade ago.

He asserted that this event led to the rise of ultranationalist and Nazi sentiments in Ukraine and ultimately resulted in the emergence of a regime that posed a threat to Russia and to a segment of the Ukrainian population, particularly Russians.

Peskov elaborated on the consequences of the Kiev coup, stating that it led to the overthrow of legitimate power, a move that was contrary to the guarantees provided by various European countries.

He criticized what he described as the prevalent trend of 'lightweight populism' among European politicians, which he believes does not contribute positively to international affairs.

The Kremlin Spokesman went on to make a comparison with the United States and European countries, suggesting that authorities in these nations would not welcome coups in their own territories.

He expressed concern over the current trend in Europe, emphasizing that such an approach to international relations is regrettable and does not yield beneficial results.

This statement from the Kremlin comes amidst ongoing tensions and conflicts in Ukraine, where Russia has been actively involved.

The comments by Peskov reflect Russia's stance on the historical events in Ukraine and their interpretation of the political changes that have occurred in the region over the past decade.

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