Kremlin Dismisses Possibility of Peace Talks with Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 10:56 AM CET

Kremlin Dismisses Possibility of Peace Talks with Ukraine.

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The Kremlin, through its spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, has declared that there are currently no grounds for initiating peace negotiations with Ukraine.

According to Kyiv Independent, this statement was made on December 20, in response to Ukraine's proposed 10-point "peace formula" introduced in November 2022.

A major hurdle for the commencement of peace talks is Ukraine's demand for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory, including regions illegally annexed by Russia in 2022. Russian officials have consistently stated that such a precondition is unacceptable for any negotiations.

Peskov's remarks reflect the ongoing stalemate in the conflict, with the Kremlin showing no inclination towards meeting Ukraine's preconditions for peace discussions.

The idea of peace negotiations, particularly those involving territorial concessions or other significant compromises, is highly unpopular among the Ukrainian populace.

A recent poll in December 2023 revealed that 74% of Ukrainians oppose any territorial concessions to Russia in exchange for peace.

Ukrainian and Western leaders have also repeatedly expressed skepticism about Russia's interest in genuine peace negotiations.

The current situation underscores the complexities of the conflict and the challenges in finding a path towards resolution, with both sides holding firm to their positions.