Kremlin Pulls Soldiers from Front Amid Tensions in Belgorod

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.21 - 2024 3:50 PM CET

Tensions escalate in Russia as the Kremlin withdraws soldiers from the front amid tensions in Belgorod.

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The Kremlin has initiated the withdrawal of some of its military forces from the Ukraine front line. This strategic reallocation aims to bolster defenses against persistent attacks in the Belgorod Oblast, where heavy combat with partisan units continues unabated.

According to Ukrinform, which references information from an anonymous Kremlin source, the situation in Belgorod has become critical.

"The attacks on Belgorod force the Russian Federation to withdraw part of its forces from the front line," the source revealed, highlighting the intense warfare in the vicinity.

For the past week, the border areas of Belgorod Oblast have been under relentless assault from Ukraine, further exacerbated by sabotage operations conducted by Russian volunteers allied with Kiev.

These include the "Freedom of Russia" Legion, the Siberian Battalion, and the Russian Volunteer Corps, adding a complex layer to the conflict dynamics.

The severity of the situation prompted local authorities in Belgorod Oblast to restrict access to the Grajvoronsky district, a measure underscored by the partial relocation of residents and the establishment of checkpoints. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced plans to evacuate approximately nine thousand children from Belgorod and the surrounding border areas, signaling the growing humanitarian concerns.

Amidst these developments, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured efforts to enhance regional security. "The authorities are working to improve security in the region. There are different ways to do it. The task is not easy, but we will do it," Putin stated, committing to support those displaced by the conflict.

The Kremlin's military response has been marked by a throwback to Soviet tactics, as evidenced by the use of half-ton FAB-500 air bombs against saboteurs. This approach, captured in footage from the border village of Kozinka, illustrates the intense and escalating nature of the conflict within Russia's borders.

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