Latvia Plans to Build Mine Production Facility

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.25 - 2024 12:19 PM CET

Photo: Gints Ivuskans /
Photo: Gints Ivuskans /
Latvia is exploring the possibility of constructing a plant for the production of mines.

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Latvia is exploring ways to strengthen its defense capabilities by considering the construction of a mine production facility within its borders. This development was reported by the news outlet Delfi.

This initiative, announced by Minister of Defense Andris Spruds, is designed to bolster the country's military readiness and self-sufficiency.

Strategic Defense Expansion

The Latvian government, through its Ministry of Defense, is examining the feasibility of establishing a factory dedicated to mine production. According to Minister Spruds, the project could realistically begin operations within three years, with initial design and production development work set to commence this year.

"It is important to establish an international partnership... We also want to cooperate with local industry and local entrepreneurs," Spruds noted.

Details regarding the proposed factory's exact location remain undisclosed. The Ministry of Defense has stated that specific information regarding funding and the plant's location will be made public once agreements with partners are finalized.

Regional Developments

Latvia's initiative aligns with broader regional defense efforts, mirroring Lithuania's recent collaboration with the German defense company Rheinmetall. This partnership involves the establishment of an artillery ammunition factory in Lithuania, aimed at reinforcing its national defense infrastructure.

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