Lavrov Accuses Western Weapons of Targeting Russian Civilians

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.24 - 2024 1:56 PM CET

Russian Foreign Minister has accused Western nations of supplying weapons to Kyiv that are being used to strike civilian targets within Russian territory.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the United States and other Western nations of using their supplied weapons to target civilian areas within Russia.

Speaking to reporters in Minsk on May 24, Lavrov claimed that American and Western-supplied arms are being used to strike a variety of targets outside the designated combat zones.

“American weapons are already being used against a variety of targets outside the combat zone,” Lavrov told reporters.

“We proceed from the fact that American and other Western weapons strike targets on the territory of the Russian Federation, first of all, civilian infrastructure and residential areas,” he emphasized.

Lavrov further accused Western countries of waging an undeclared war against Russia.

Despite public assurances from Western leaders that they do not support or encourage the use of these weapons on Russian soil, Lavrov dismissed such statements as deceptive.

“Western countries are waging war against the Russian Federation,” he asserted, labeling the reassuring statements for American and NATO audiences as mere “tricks.”

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