Lavrov Expresses Outrage Over US Missile Deployment in Pacific

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.08 - 2024 9:13 PM CET

The deployment of US medium-range missile systems in the Pacific has sparked a strong and surprising reaction from Russia, with Chinese journalists weighing in on the geopolitical implications.

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Recently, the United States stationed Typhon missile launchers in the northern region of Luzon, Philippines, marking the first deployment of such weapons outside the US since the Soviet Union's collapse.

Chinese publication Sohu reported that this maneuver has generated significant global attention.

Lavrov’s Stern Warning

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov didn't mince words in his response.

He condemned the US action, issuing a public warning that Russia would respond by enhancing its nuclear deterrence measures.

Lavrov's strong stance reflects Moscow's unease about the increased military presence near its sphere of influence.

Chinese Media Surprised by Russia’s Reaction

Chinese journalists from Sohu expressed their surprise at Russia's vehement reaction, given Luzon's considerable distance from Russian territory.

The Typhon systems stationed in the Philippines do not have the range to threaten Russia directly, prompting questions about Moscow’s intense concern.

However, as the Sohu columnists noted, Russia's apprehension is not without basis. The presence of US missiles in the Philippines escalates tensions throughout the Asia-Pacific region, potentially jeopardizing the security of the Russian Far East. Moreover, there is a fear that the US might expand its missile deployments to Japan, significantly closer to Russian borders.

Russia's serious stance hints at possible countermeasures, such as deploying missiles to the Kuril Islands if the US continues its military buildup in the region.

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