Lavrov States Ukraine's Involvement in "Crocus" Attack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.04 - 2024 11:24 AM CET

Photo: Hussein Eddeb /
Photo: Hussein Eddeb /
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov asserts that Ukraine must have been involved in the attack.

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Although no evidence has been presented to the public, Russia continues to assert that Ukraine was involved in the terrible attack at Crocus City Hall, which resulted in the loss of at least 144 lives.

The Russian Federation's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, announced that the attack in the "Crocus City Hall" concert venue near Moscow could not have occurred without a Ukrainian trace, according to RIA Novosti.

"This attack, as you know, is currently under active investigation by the Investigative Committee, the General Prosecutor's Office, and other competent authorities. It is already clear that there was a Ukrainian trace involved," Lavrov stated.

He added that Ukraine's involvement in many other attacks on Russian territory is beyond doubt.

Earlier, Sergey Lavrov had declared Ukraine a terrorist state. He emphasized that Ukraine has used the pretext of alleged terrorism within the country as justification for its actions since 2014.

So far, it has only been established that ISIS was behind the attack, and currently, there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin, former President Dmitry Medvedev, and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have all claimed that Ukraine is involved in some way.

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