Legionella outbreak in Poland results in 14 fatalities

Written by Fergus Hart

Aug.30 - 2023 6:30 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Legionella outbreak in Poland results in 14 fatalities.

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In the southeastern regions of Poland, a legionella outbreak has had severe repercussions, particularly in the city of Rzeszow. According to BBC a total of 14 individuals have lost their lives, and 150 cases have been confirmed.

Authorities are currently investigating how the bacteria could have contaminated the city's water supply.

Initially, there was apprehension that the outbreak might be the result of sabotage, especially given Rzeszow's significant humanitarian and military presence.

However, according to Stanislaw Zaryn, a Polish official, there is no information to support this theory.

Many of the deceased were elderly and had other underlying health conditions. Authorities have advised residents to boil water before drinking it as a preventive measure.

Initial tests have not been able to determine the source of the infection.

Legionella can cause severe pneumonia and is transmitted through the inhalation of contaminated water droplets. It is not a disease that is transmitted from person to person.

Symptoms include high fever, headaches, muscle pains, and difficulty breathing. Immediate medical attention should be sought if symptoms are suspected.

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