Lie from Putin's Biography Exposed by a Romanian

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.11 - 2024 1:05 PM CET

Lie from Putin's Biography Exposed by a Romanian.

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Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is known for his passion for sports, especially Judo. Therefore, he also previously received the prestigious title of honorary president of the International Judo Federation.

However, contrary to claims in his biography, he has not practiced judo at a competitive level but has only been a judo enthusiast.

'He was not a judoka'

This information was revealed by Constantin Niculae, the father of former Romanian footballer Marius Niculae, who was a professional judoka.

"Putin is given more importance because he is the president of Russia, but he was not a judoka. To put it more accurately, he is a sympathizer, he did not participate in competitions. This is unlike Lukašenko (referring to Alexander Lukašenko, the President of Belarus since 1994). He not only competed but also held the position of president of the Belarusian Judo Federation in 1992. I knew him as an athlete back in 1978. He was a good athlete and a fun guy." Niculae says, before he follows up with information about Putin.

"I did not know Putin in the same way, I just saw him at meals and at competitions, in a formal setting, we never had discussions, although we could have now, after he became president and was appointed honorary president by Marius Vizer" Constantin Niculae narrated to

While Putin was undoubtedly honored to become the honorary president of the International Judo Federation, it was probably a hard blow when he was stripped of his title five days after the invasion of Ukraine.

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