Lipstick and Kalashnikovs – Young Ukrainian women take up arms against Russian forces

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.21 - 2023 2:36 PM CET


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Ukrainian women are stepping forward to fill the ranks of their nation's military.

With the war transforming into a grinding war of attrition and male soldiers in short supply, women across Ukraine are undergoing rigorous military training to defend their homeland.

Darina Trebukh, the founder of "The Ukrainian Valkyries," spearheads these initiatives, providing weekly sessions in firearm handling, grenade throwing, and tactical positioning, according to Danish news media TV2

This movement is not just about filling the ranks; it's an embodiment of empowerment and resilience. Women from various walks of life, like Julia Tyshko from the Ministry of Economy and Tetjana Skorokhod, a beauty salon owner, are ready to trade their everyday roles for combat duties.

In addition to traditional ground combat training, these modern Valkyries are also mastering drone warfare. Juliia, an accountant, and Victoriia Iablonska, a mindfulness instructor, represent this new front in technology-driven warfare.

The involvement of approximately 43,000 women in various military roles, including combat, marks a significant shift in the dynamics of the Ukrainian defense forces. This change is not only a tactical necessity but also a cultural one, reshaping public perceptions about gender roles and the responsibilities of citizenship in times of crisis.

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