Lithuania Continues Support for Ukrainian Refugees with Extended Protections

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.22 - 2024 9:20 AM CET

Photo: Yanosh Nemesh /
Photo: Yanosh Nemesh /
Lithuania Continues Support for Ukrainian Refugees with Extended Protections.

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The Lithuanian government has affirmed its commitment to supporting Ukrainian refugees by extending the temporary protected status for those displaced by the Russian invasion until March 2025, as reported by LRT on February 21.

In a move to further assist the integration of Ukrainian refugees into Lithuanian society, the government has also lengthened the mandatory learning period for the Lithuanian language by an additional year.

The resolution by the government provides that foreigners who have received temporary protection in Lithuania will not be required to demonstrate proficiency in the national language for employment purposes for three years from the date temporary protection is granted.

The government assures continued support for Ukrainians in acquiring the Lithuanian language, stating,

“Opportunities for Ukrainians to learn the Lithuanian language will continue to be provided through measures funded by the Employment Service or through the system of individual learning accounts," according to the ministry's statement.

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