Look Up: The Strawberry Full Moon is Visible This Month

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.14 - 2024 3:55 PM CET

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay
For many, the Strawberry Full Moon is a beautiful reminder of the transition from spring to summer.

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The "Strawberry Full Moon" is a captivating celestial event that occurs each June, marking a special time in the lunar calendar. This enchanting full moon is named after the strawberry harvest season, a tradition that dates back to Native American tribes, particularly the Algonquin tribe, who used it to signify the time when strawberries were ripe and ready to be gathered.

Cultural Significance

While the name "Strawberry Full Moon" has Native American origins, it is known by various other names in different cultures. In Europe, it has been called the "Rose Moon" or the "Honey Moon," reflecting seasonal markers such as the blooming of roses and the time for honey harvesting. These names highlight the significance of the full moon as a natural indicator of the changing seasons.

Appearance and Timing

Despite its enticing name, the Strawberry Full Moon does not appear pink or red. It looks like any other full moon, with its bright and luminous presence in the night sky. The name is symbolic, connected to the strawberry harvest rather than the moon's color.

According to the lunar calendar for the month of June, the Moon will reach its full phase at 03:08 a.m. on June 22, 2024 (according to calculations by the National Astronomical Observatory). The Strawberry Full Moon is the last full moon of spring or the first full moon of summer, depending on the lunar calendar.

Seasonal Marker

For many, the Strawberry Full Moon is a beautiful reminder of the transition from spring to summer. It signals the start of warmer days and the bounty of summer fruits. This natural phenomenon encourages people to pause and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons and the rhythm of nature.

The Strawberry Full Moon is more than just a name; it is a celebration of nature's cycles and cultural traditions. Mark your calendar and take a moment to step outside and enjoy the radiant beauty of the Strawberry Full Moon. Whether you are inspired by its cultural history or simply mesmerized by its glow, the Strawberry Full Moon is an event not to be missed.