Lviv Suffers Power Outages After Russian Strike

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.15 - 2024 12:19 PM CET

Photo: Kutsenko Volodymyr /
Photo: Kutsenko Volodymyr /
Lviv faced significant power outages after a large-scale attack by Russian forces.

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In the wake of the attack between the night of February 14 and the morning of February 15, several power distribution sites in Lviv Oblast were severely damaged, resulting in power outages.

The Ministry of Energy's press service reported, "As a result of the strike in Lviv, several facilities of the distribution system operator, including a transformer substation, were significantly damaged. The infrastructure facility was cut off from the power grid."

Despite the damages, the overall impact on Ukraine's power network was not deemed critical.

Additionally, an attack on Donetsk Oblast led to a fire at a coal mining company, disrupting power lines and leaving 50 employees trapped inside the mine.

The fire was quickly managed, and power was restored to all affected consumers within two hours.

Power System Recovery

Despite the disruptions, there is no power deficit in the system, and generation levels remain sufficient to meet consumer demand, including ongoing commercial imports and exports of electricity.

Remarkably, a thermal power plant unit, previously damaged in an attack, was successfully reconnected to the grid on February 14, marking a step toward recovery and resilience in Ukraine's power infrastructure.

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