Macron: Group Behind Moscow Concert Hall Attack Also Targeted France

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.25 - 2024 1:18 PM CET

Photo: Victor Velter /
Photo: Victor Velter /
The group involved in the terrorist attack in the Russian Federation tried to attack France, according to French President.

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French President Emmanuel Macron disclosed that the same "Islamic State" group responsible for the terrorist attack in the Moscow Region also attempted several attacks in France.

This revelation came as France heightened its terrorist threat level to the highest category following the tragic events in Russia.

Heightened Security Measures in France

Speaking to Le Parisien, Macron noted that the group involved in the Crocus City Hall incident "has made several attempts on our soil in recent months."

The French government has previously indicated that this group poses a direct threat to France and has been implicated in multiple thwarted attacks across Europe, including in Germany and France.

In light of these developments, Macron emphasized the urgent need to apprehend those responsible and advocated for "effective action against these groups that plan attacks in several countries." He assured "increased cooperation" with Russia to combat this shared threat.

The statement follows a devastating assault last Friday in Krasnogorsk, where armed individuals opened fire at a "Piknik" concert, leading to at least 137 fatalities. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for this heinous act.

In response to the attack and the ongoing threat, France has elevated its terrorist threat level to the maximum.

Similarly, Germany has issued warnings about the severe risk posed by Islamist terrorists, underscoring the widespread concern over global security.

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