Macron Warns of Potential Russian Attack on NATO in Coming Years

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.27 - 2024 8:13 AM CET

Photo: Victor Velter /
Photo: Victor Velter /
French President Emmanuel Macron warns that NATO countries should prepare for a potential Russian attack in the coming years.

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During a recent gathering in Paris focused on aiding Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron voiced concerns that Russia might target NATO countries within a few years, based on Moscow's recent activities.

This meeting, held on February 26, brought together leaders to deliberate on the ongoing conflict and Europe's security.

Macron conveyed a consensus among the attending nations, stating, "I noted that more or less all the countries represented at this table said... that the general consensus was that we should be ready in a few years for a Russian attack on (those) countries."

He added that the collective aim is not to engage in war with the "Russian people" but to deter further escalation, maintaining the stance adopted since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began.

This warning comes as European military leaders have increasingly signaled the possibility of Russian aggression towards NATO territories in the near future.

The article points out that Macron's remarks followed a period in which military leaders from European nations have been increasingly sounding the alarm. They've been warning that Russia might attempt an assault on NATO countries within the next ten years.

Looking Forward

In the aftermath of the Paris meeting, Macron hinted at the possibility of deploying Western troops to Ukraine if necessary, though he acknowledged the lack of unanimous agreement on this matter among allies.

Additionally, he announced plans to form a coalition to provide Kyiv with medium- and long-range missiles.