Macron's Commitment to Ukraine Provokes Russia's Boundaryless Warning

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.08 - 2024 11:17 AM CET

Photo: Belish /
Photo: Belish /
Macron's Commitment to Ukraine Provokes Russia's Boundaryless Warning.

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Russia has reportedly abandoned any remaining "red lines" regarding one of NATO's largest member countries, following a bold statement by French President Emmanuel Macron affirming France's unwavering support for Ukraine and Kyiv.

This tense exchange comes shortly after Macron, in a meeting with other party leaders, made it clear that France's stance towards Ukraine is unshakable. According to Le Monde, Fabien Roussel, a representative of the French Communist Party, noted, "France's position has changed. There are no more red lines; there are no more boundaries."

The Kremlin swiftly responded to these remarks. Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin's predecessor and now deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, echoed Macron's words on social media, stating, "Macron says 'there are no more red lines, there are no more boundaries' in supporting Ukraine. This means Russia has no more red lines left for France."

Medvedev's post ominously concluded with the Latin phrase "In hostem omnia licita" - meaning "All is legal if done against an enemy."

The prospect of direct military involvement by Western nations to save Ukraine if Russia achieves a breakthrough on the eastern front was also discussed. Macron, who recently considered sending military troops to Ukraine, warned of such an eventuality at the same opposition meeting.

The Telegraph reported Roussel expressing concerns that Macron was "ready to participate in a militaristic escalation, which would be very dangerous."

Vladimir Putin himself has previously warned of the tragic consequences of such involvement, hinting at Russia's capability to strike European territories with its arsenal.

Adding to the heightened rhetoric, a high-ranking Russian military officer, Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, claimed the conflict in Ukraine is veering towards a full-scale war in Europe. Zarudnitsky warned of a significant risk of Russia being deliberately drawn into new military conflicts, attributing the cause to the West's "anti-Russian policy," as reported by Reuters.

These developments highlight a concerning escalation in tensions between Russia and NATO member states, with far-reaching implications for European security.

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