Maine residents stock up on firearms amid ongoing manhunt for mass shooting suspect

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.27 - 2023 12:53 PM CET

Photo: Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office
Photo: Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office
Maine residents stock up on firearms amid ongoing manhunt for mass shooting suspect.

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In the aftermath of a devastating mass shooting that left 18 people dead, residents of Maine, particularly near Lewiston, are rushing to purchase firearms for self-protection.

The suspect in the shooting remains at large, heightening the sense of urgency among the populace.

Surge in Handgun Sales

According to TMZ, a local gun shops are experiencing an unprecedented surge in sales, especially of handguns.

First Due Firearms, a local gun store, reported that their phones have been ringing non-stop with inquiries from first-time gun buyers as well as those looking to add to their existing collection. The majority of these purchases are being attributed to the recent mass shooting.

G3 Firearms, another local store, opened its doors to a packed crowd as early as 9 AM. While most customers were interested in handguns, some also purchased AR-15s, and a few even inquired about body armor. 3 Cousins Firearms, yet another store in the area, expects to remain extremely busy for the rest of the week due to a flood of calls, emails, and social media inquiries.

Another unnamed gun store in the area reported a 50% increase in firearms sales, including a couple of rifles. The spike in sales comes as multiple counties in Maine are in lockdown due to the ongoing manhunt for the alleged gunman, Robert Card.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has also reached out to gun stores in Maine, inquiring about the alleged shooter, Robert Card, although no one seems to be familiar with him.

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