Major boost for Ukraine: EU country pledges significant aid for energy infrastructure

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.28 - 2023 7:00 AM CET


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Germany has pledged significant financial support to Ukraine for its energy needs, amounting to €300 million. This aid is aimed at helping with the repair and modernization of the power grid, as stated by German Ambassador Martin Jäger. This contribution is part of Germany's long-standing partnership with Ukraine and reflects a commitment to support the country's energy infrastructure.

Significantly, €200 million of this funding is directed towards the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, making Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian energy company, one of the main beneficiaries.

Ambassador Jäger also mentioned having a productive meeting with Ukraine's Energy Minister, Herman Galushchenko, indicating ongoing collaboration between the two countries in the energy sector.

Overall, Germany has committed over €625 million for the Ukrainian energy system, with additional funds being prepared.

This support not only addresses immediate repair needs but also focuses on the development of decentralized energy systems in Ukraine.

This assistance from Germany aligns with similar efforts by other countries, including the United States, which recently announced a $500 million aid package for Ukraine's energy sector.

Denmark and Lithuania have also contributed, with Denmark providing 7 million euros to the Ukraine Energy Support Fund for equipment purchases to restore energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks. Lithuania has expressed its readiness to continue supporting Ukraine in this area.