Major HIMARS Success: Watch Ukrainian Forces Destroy Advanced New Russian Radar

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.03 - 2024 9:44 AM CET


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The Special Operations Forces (SOF) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved a significant tactical victory by utilizing HIMARS to target and destroy Russia's advanced Yastreb-AV radar system, according to a post on their official Facebook account.

This operation was conducted on the Southern front with the cooperation of the Defense Forces of the 140th Reconnaissance Battalion.

The Yastreb-AV, identified and targeted by the SOF's 73rd Naval Centre using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), is recognized as one of the most modern radar systems in the Russian arsenal. It is primarily used for artillery reconnaissance, capable of tracking missile trajectories and pinpointing the exact locations of enemy artillery for counterattacks.

The destruction of the Yastreb-AV complex signifies a crucial setback for Russian military operations, as this radar system plays a pivotal role in their artillery effectiveness. The video footage of the successful attack was shared on social media by the Ukrainian fighters, highlighting the efficiency and precision of the HIMARS system in combat scenarios.

This operation comes in the wake of the Russian Ministry of Defense's announcement on January 2, 2024, declaring the deployment of the Yastreb-AV system in Ukraine. The Ukrainian SOF's ability to promptly neutralize such a significant asset underscores their strategic acumen and the effectiveness of Western-supplied weaponry like the HIMARS in the ongoing conflict.

Watch the video right here: