Major Military Support: U.K. to Provide Ukraine with $3 Billion in Aid

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.12 - 2024 12:06 PM CET


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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to make a significant announcement in Kyiv, Ukraine, on January 12, pledging military support worth over $3 billion (£2.5 billion). This announcement, as reported by European Pravda with reference to the press service of the British government, underscores the U.K.'s ongoing commitment to Ukraine amidst its conflict with Russia.

The substantial aid package is expected to include an array of military equipment such as long-range missiles, air defense systems, and artillery shells. In particular, about £200 million will be allocated for a variety of drones, including reconnaissance, attack, and long-range naval drones. This marks the largest supply of drones to Ukraine by any single country.

In a significant move, Sunak is also slated to sign a new agreement on bilateral "security guarantees" with Ukraine during his visit. This agreement is poised to deepen the U.K.-Ukraine defense relationship, further enhancing Ukraine's military capabilities.

Additionally, the British Prime Minister is scheduled to meet with emergency responders in Kyiv, addressing the aftermath of recent Russian airstrikes. He will also announce £18 million in humanitarian aid and assistance aimed at strengthening Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

The visit will also see the U.K. extending its support in the educational sector, as Britain commits to providing financial and resource assistance for English language studies in Ukraine.

This visit and the accompanying announcements come after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's phone conversation with Sunak earlier in January, where Zelenskyy expressed gratitude for the U.K.'s robust contribution to Ukraine's air defense. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, in a recent interview, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the expectation that the new weapons allocation will significantly aid Ukraine, mirroring the support provided in the past two years.

Sunak's upcoming visit to Kyiv and the extensive military aid package demonstrate the U.K.'s solid stance in supporting Ukraine during this critical time, further solidifying the strategic partnership between the two nations.

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