Major Turnaround: Sources Report Putin Is Now Open to a Ceasefire

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 2:33 PM CET

Sources Report Putin Is Now Open to a Ceasefire.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is now open to a ceasefire in the war against Ukraine, reports The New York Times.

The information is based on statements from current and former high-ranking Russian officials, who spoke anonymously to the media outlet.

"He is really ready to stop the war at the current position on the battlefield," one source said.

Since September, Putin has reportedly been ready to consider a possible ceasefire. He sent out feelers when he was satisfied with Russia's conquered territory in Ukraine, say American officials to The New York Times.

It is far from certain that Ukrainian leaders would accept such a deal, as they have promised to recapture the lost territory.

Several American officials also say that it could be a well-known Kremlin attempt at deception and does not reflect a genuine willingness on Putin's part to compromise.

The Russian sources in The New York Times say that Putin might change his mind if Russia gains more momentum on the battlefield.

The sources explain that a combination of factors has now led Putin to reconsider his stance on the war in Ukraine. These include the stalemate in the battles, the reaction of the West, and the war in Gaza.

The American media outlet has been in contact with Putin's spokesperson, Dmitri S. Peskov.

Presented with the information about a possible ceasefire, he says:

"Putin is actually ready for talks, and he has said that. But Russia will achieve its goals first. The theses you present are fundamentally incorrect."

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