Man receives $1,012 hospital bill despite no doctor showing up

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.22 - 2023 11:38 AM CET

Man receives $1,012 hospital bill despite no doctor showing up.

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In a small town in Missouri, USA, the Bhatt family faced the harsh realities of the American healthcare system when their young son, Martand, burned his hand on the kitchen stove.

Following advice from their pediatrician, Martand's mother, Mansi Bhatt, took him to the local children's hospital.

Upon arrival, a nurse examined Martand, but no doctor appeared to assess his burn. After waiting for over an hour, Mansi decided to take Martand home.

Despite the absence of a doctor's consultation, the family later received a bill from the hospital for $1,012, equivalent to approximately 6,920 Danish kroner.

The bill included a 'facility fee' of $820, a standard charge for using the hospital's emergency services, regardless of whether treatment was received or not, as reported by

Dhaval Bhatt, Martand's father, expressed his frustration and outrage at the system, calling it "absolutely ridiculous and unethical." He noted that they didn't need confirmation of their son's vital signs, as they already knew he was okay.

The Bhatt family, covered by a high-deductible insurance plan, faced the prospect of paying the full amount. Despite several attempts to get the hospital to reduce the bill and an appeal to their insurance company, the bill was sent to collections. It was only after Kaiser Health News contacted the hospital that the 'facility fee' was waived, and the family was asked to pay only $38.92, about 260 kroner, for the nurse's services.

This incident highlights the complexities and challenges of the American healthcare system, where unexpected and substantial bills can arise even without adequate medical services being provided.