Man Won $16.2 Million in Lottery: You Won't Believe Where He Hid His Ticket

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.06 - 2023 3:03 PM CET

You Won't Believe Where He Hid His Ticket.

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The French National Lottery (Française des Jeux) often deals with winners who hide their winning tickets out of fear of losing them. A lucky and cautious Parisian has won 15 million euros ($16.2 million) in the lottery last week, with a ticket purchased in a café in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

To ensure that this fortune didn’t slip through his fingers, the fortunate player cleverly hid the winning ticket inside his television.

Yes, you read that right.

According to, this unusual precaution is not unheard of among those who win such large amounts.

Isabelle Cesari, head of winner support and experience at the Française des Jeux, recalls a lottery winner who organized a "Lotto-sitting" at her home, ensuring someone was always present with the receipt.

She also remembers another winner who hid his ticket in the sun visor of his car, which was for sale at the time. "Fortunately, he remembered it before handing over the car to the new owner."

"Nobody would search my freezer"

In the Parisian neighborhood where the impressive win occurred, locals find it easy to put themselves in the shoes of the lucky winner. "He's lucky, he's set. I wish it were me who won," jokes an employee of the café where the winning ticket was purchased.

Residents playfully imagine where they would hide their ticket if they won 15 million euros. "I think I'd stash it in my freezer," says one Parisian. "Nobody would search my freezer."

"I'd probably put it in my phone," guesses another local, while one resident thinks he would keep it safe in a "closed, or even double-closed pocket."

The winner hasn't revealed what he plans to do with his 15 million euros but has mentioned quitting his job and traveling to the Seychelles. The Française des Jeux, meanwhile, organizes workshops for large-sum winners to help them avoid making impulsive decisions.

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