Marlena Shaw, Famous for 'California Soul,' Dies at 81

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.21 - 2024 6:49 PM CET

Marlena Shaw, Famous for 'California Soul,' Dies at 81.

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Marlena Shaw, renowned for her hit song 'California Soul,' has passed away at the age of 81, as reported by Fox News.

The news of her demise was initially shared by Shaw's daughter, MarLa Bradshaw, in a Facebook video. She also confirmed the news to Fox News.

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce our beloved mother, a great icon and artist, Marlena Shaw, has passed away," MarLa Bradshaw stated in the video.

"We were at peace," MarLa Bradshaw continued, revealing that Shaw peacefully passed away on Friday, January 19th.

Photo: Wiki Commons

The cause of her death remains unclear, and MarLa Bradshaw has chosen not to disclose further details.

"She is at peace now, she is in heaven," she said, expressing gratitude that the family was able to celebrate Shaw's 81st birthday in September.

Marlena Shaw is survived by four children.

Shaw was a prominent figure in the realms of jazz, blues, and soul during the 1960s. She gained fame primarily for her 1969 song 'California Soul' and 'Woman of the Ghetto.'

Watch and listen to 'California Soul' below

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