Matthew Perry's ex-girlfriend calls for investigation after ketamine revelation

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.18 - 2023 1:34 PM CET


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Kayti Edwards, the ex-girlfriend of the late "Friends" star Matthew Perry, is calling for an investigation into the actor's doctors following revelations about his use of ketamine. This comes in the wake of Perry's sudden death in his jacuzzi at his Los Angeles home on October 28.

Edwards, who had a relationship with Perry and worked as his assistant in 2011, expressed concern about Perry's ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety, questioning the quantity of the drug in his system at the time of his death. She finds it unlikely that the ketamine levels could stem solely from the medical sessions he attended one and a half weeks before his passing.

In an interview with The Sun, Edwards doubted that Perry could have acquired the drugs on the street and suggested that a medical professional must be involved.

She insists on an investigation into the doctors and nurses who were in contact with Perry, despite the public perception that he had long overcome his struggles with substance abuse.

Edwards recalls observing signs indicating Perry's return to drug use, including peculiar social media posts and references to his "Batman"-inspired alter ego, "Mattman." She believes the ketamine treatments might have pushed Perry back into the dangerous grip of drug abuse.

Ketamine, primarily used as an anesthetic in larger animals like horses, is known for its hallucinogenic effects on humans. It is rarely used medically but is popular as a recreational drug due to these effects.

Edwards described Perry's enjoyment of water activities while under the influence of drugs. His final Instagram post, showing him in his hot tub, was also the location where he was found lifeless.

Despite the shocking nature of the autopsy report, Edwards was not surprised by its findings. Perry was open about his struggles with alcohol and drugs, undergoing 12 surgeries and 15 stints in rehab, along with participating in over 6,000 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and spending millions in his fight for sobriety.

After Perry's death, there was no immediate evidence of drugs at his Pacific Palisades home, and the autopsy report did not find traces of alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, or fentanyl in his system.

The circumstances surrounding Perry's death have raised numerous questions, and Edwards's call for an investigation adds another layer to the unfolding story.

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