McDonald's is dropping a Milo McFlurry

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.23 - 2023 8:07 AM CET

Foto: McDonald's
Foto: McDonald's
McDonald's is dropping a Milo McFlurry.

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McDonald's Australia is set to introduce a new treat to its menu, the Milo McFlurry, in celebration of the warmer months ahead.

The fast-food giant announced the exciting news on social media, stating that the McFlurry made with Milo will be available from September 27.

The news of this delightful dessert was leaked a bit early by food blogger @nectoriouspapi, who reposted promotional artwork of the new product.

The internet quickly went wild with excitement, with comments ranging from "Dreams do come true" to "I physically can't express my excitement with this."

According to the food blogger, the promotion will only run for a limited time, ending on November 11. A spokesperson for McDonald's confirmed the limited availability, adding,

"We look forward to announcing more details soon." Fans of the treat are hoping that it won't be gone for good.

This isn't the first time McDonald's has experimented with fusion McFlurries. Currently, the fast-food chain offers raspberry and custard, Maltesers, Oreo, and M&M Minis McFlurries.

The introduction of the Milo McFlurry hints at the possibility of other exciting flavors, such as the Lotus Biscotti McFlurry with caramel sauce, launching in the country soon.

While Australian customers eagerly await the new Milo treat, McDonald's lovers in the UK and the US may still be mourning the company's decision to discontinue the beloved Biscotti McFlurry just six weeks after its release.

However, the new Milo McFlurry is sure to bring joy to many and make room for more innovative dessert options.

The Milo McFlurry's launch is a sweet reminder of the creativity and excitement that fast-food chains can bring to their menus. As McDonald's Australia prepares to enter spring with this beloved Aussie product, customers are eagerly anticipating the chance to indulge in this unique dessert.

The limited-time offer is sure to attract both Milo enthusiasts and those curious to try something new, adding a touch of sweetness to the upcoming warm season.

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