Media outlet shares Putin's new recruitment plan

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.03 - 2023 9:40 AM CET

Media outlet shares Putin's new recruitment plan.

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Russia is facing a pressing need for more soldiers in its conflict against Ukraine, leading to a new recruitment strategy that targets migrants, bankrupt individuals, debtors, the unemployed, and other vulnerable social groups.

According to reports from, citing the Russian exile media outlet Important Stories, the Presidential Commissioner in the Central Federal District has initiated a plan to recruit these groups for military service.

The report states that a letter with instructions and a special form was obtained, listing 22 categories of the population that Russian authorities aim to send to war against Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry's Recruitment Challenges

The move suggests that the Defense Ministry is struggling to enlist the required number of soldiers.

The executive branch is tasked with intensifying recruitment efforts, specifically targeting oppressed migrant groups and indebted individuals—those who can be persuaded in some way.

While signing up is still voluntary, there are concerns about the potential for coercion, with conditions that could make life unbearable for those who refuse.

Sergey Krivenko, head of the Citizen Army Law public movement, comments on the situation, highlighting the voluntary nature of the contract but also the possibility of persuasion and imposition of harsh conditions.

In other news, the Ukrainian forces have dealt a significant blow to Russian efforts by destroying dozens of tanks, and there are reports of Russian troops withdrawing from certain areas. Additionally, a shocking video has surfaced showing a massive fire in a Russian region.

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