Media reveals: Danish politician in relationship with 15-year-old girl reported to police for grooming

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.22 - 2023 1:14 PM CET

Photo: Folketing/
Photo: Folketing/
Danish politician in relationship with 15-year-old girl reported to police for grooming.

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A recent development in Danish politics has sparked widespread controversy and debate. Mike Villa Fonseca, a 28-year-old politician from the ruling Moderates party, has been embroiled in a scandal involving his relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

This relationship, approved by the girls parents, has raised eyebrows due to Fonseca's long-standing friendship with the family since the woman was just 10 years old.

The situation sent shockwaves through the Danish Parliament and public, despite the legal age of sexual consent in Denmark being 15 years. The bizarre nature of the case has drawn significant attention, leading to further developments.

Follow up on the first part of the story in the article below

New development

Danish media outlet TV2 reports that the police have received a grooming allegation against a politician.

While the Danish police confirm the receipt of a grooming complaint, they have not verified whether it involves the Danish politician in question.

Grooming, as defined by Save The Children, is a process where an offender builds a relationship with a child to coerce them into activities for the offender's gratification. This term refers to the sexual predator's manipulation of a child, a complex process with potentially severe consequences for the child and their family.

Adding to the controversy, Monika Rubin, a former party colleague of Fonseca, has publicly criticized him on Facebook. In her post, Rubin, referring to Fonseca as "KlammeMike" (Creepy Mike), accuses him of grooming. Her accusations add a layer of complexity to the case, highlighting the serious nature of the allegations against Fonseca.

This unfolding story in Danish politics raises critical questions about the boundaries of personal relationships in public life, the responsibilities of those in power, and the mechanisms in place to protect vulnerable individuals in society. As the investigation continues, the Danish public and political community await further clarity on these serious allegations.

At the time of writing, Mike Villa Fonseca is on sick leave from his duties as a politician in the Danish Parliament due to the ongoing case. After being expelled from the Moderates, he is now an independent member.