Medvedev Claims Ukraine as Part of Russia, Criticizes Western Influence

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.04 - 2024 12:40 PM CET

Photo: Belish /
Photo: Belish /
Medvedev Claims Ukraine as Part of Russia.

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During a lecture at the flagship educational marathon "Knowledge. First," Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, made a statement regarding Ukraine's status, sparking significant discussion.

According to TASS, Medvedev asserted that Ukraine is undeniably part of Russia, challenging the viewpoint of some Ukrainian leaders who see the two as separate nations.

Ukraine's Identity and Historical Ties

"Once, one of the former leaders of Ukraine stated that Ukraine is not Russia. This concept must disappear forever. Ukraine is, undoubtedly, Russia," Medvedev proclaimed.

He argued that attempts to disregard Russian public opinion on this matter should cease, highlighting a belief that Ukraine and its population are integral to a broader Russian civilization.

Consequences of Western Involvement

Medvedev criticized the role of the United States and its allies in setting a "trap" for Ukraine, using it as a tool against Russia through the creation of an "anti-Russia."

He suggested that the current situation could have been different if not for this external interference.

Political Leadership in Ukraine

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council also reflected on the potential for a different historical trajectory if Ukraine had been led by figures other than those he described as "mocking thieves, political rags, or shameful neo-Nazis."

He mentioned the Minsk agreements, suggesting that adherence to their "quite realistic conditions" by Kyiv's leaders could have prevented the need for a "special military operation," echoing sentiments previously expressed by the Russian president.

Medvedev's comments underline the deep-rooted complexities and tensions between Russia and Ukraine, highlighting a narrative that views Ukraine not as a sovereign entity but as part of a larger Russian civilization.

This perspective, coupled with criticism of Western influence, contributes to the ongoing discourse surrounding the conflict and relations between the two nations.

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