Medvedev Outraged at France: Labels French with Various Unpleasant Names

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.04 - 2024 9:39 AM CET

Medvedev labels French with various unpleasant names.

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In a recent development following the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs' comments on the attack in the Russian city of Belgorod, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's former president and prime minister, has vehemently expressed his disapproval.

The French Ministry had taken a firm stance against Russia, labeling it an aggressor state for its strategy of terror, notably targeting essential civilian infrastructure in violation of international humanitarian law.

"There is an aggressor State, Russia, which is carrying out a strategy of terror by deliberately striking essential civilian infrastructure, in violation of international humanitarian law, and an attacked State, Ukraine, which is acting in self-defense," the French Ministry stated in a press release, calling for Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

Medvedev Calls French Several Unpleasant Names

However, Medvedev's response to France's statement was both swift and harsh. In a recent post on Telegram, he strongly condemned France's support for what Russia claims was Ukraine's use of "cluster munitions" in the Belgorod attack.

Medvedev's words were scathing: "We never liked the French. Like the paddling pools, they fought with us. And in general, these... p-ry (not pioneers like). And now we are convinced of this. Written by the French Foreign Ministry. A strike on Belgorod using cluster munitions is the 'right to self-defense.'"
Medvedev writes on Telegram where he ends by calling the French various unpleasant names, the mildest of which is 'freaks'.

You can see the other terms Medvedev uses to describe the French through the Telegram link a few lines back.

These remarks from Medvedev showcase the escalating tensions and the deepening rift between Russia and Western nations. While many people hoped that 2024 would be a more peaceful year, the exact opposite has occurred, as Russia has launched more than 500 missiles at Ukraine, and Ukraine has retaliated with their attack in Belgorod.

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