Medvedev Proposes "Russian Peace Formula" for Ukraine with Controversial "Conditions"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.15 - 2024 2:48 PM CET

Medvedev Proposes "Russian Peace Formula" for Ukraine with Controversial "Conditions".

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Dmitry Medvedev, the former President of Russia and currently the deputy head of the country's Security Council, has outlined a "Russian peace formula" for Ukraine, incorporating scandalous "conditions" he believes should underpin the cessation of the current conflict.

His proposal notably includes the "complete and unconditional surrender of Ukraine," compensation payments by Kyiv to Moscow, and the de facto annexation of Ukraine's entire territory to the Russian Federation.

Medvedev, known for his harsh and provocative statements since the onset of the full-scale war in Ukraine, has once again drawn attention with his audacious propositions.

A Formula Laden with Outrageous Demands

In recent times, Medvedev has directed threats towards NATO-countries, hinting at a "direct clash," and has also suggested the possibility of attacking Germany, which could potentially trigger World War III. His latest "Russian peace formula" adds to this series of contentious statements.

Outlined on his Telegram profile according to Radiozet, Medvedev listed seven conditions he deems necessary for peace. These conditions are contentious, to say the least, advocating for Ukraine's "complete and unconditional surrender," its "demilitarization," the "dismissal of constitutional authorities," and the "conducting of new elections."

Moreover, Medvedev's demands extend to the international community, urging it to recognize Ukraine as a "Nazi regime" that necessitates "forced denazification."

He also insists that Ukraine must compensate Russia, "officially recognize the entire territory of Ukraine as Russian territory," and that Ukraine should be prohibited from joining any alliance without Kremlin approval.

Medvedev sarcastically concluded his proposal by suggesting, "This could be a soft Russian peace formula. After all, it is a compromise position, right? I think it is for this purpose that we can seek a friendly consensus with the international community, including the Anglo-Saxon world, to maintain productive summits, counting on the mutual understanding of our beloved friends - Western partners."

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